Institute of Geology and Geophysics held next seminar on "Geomechanics"
Mar 30, 2017 | 12:49 / Conferences, assemblies
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Within project "Geomexanikanın interdisciplinary theoretical and experimental research complex problems" ANAS Institute of Geology and Geophysics held next seminar on "Geomechanics" on March 30.

The project head, Academic Hatam Guliyev delivered paper on "Deformed elastic parameters of the geological environment".

The scientist said that, the experimental observations and theoretical basis for a new interpretation of geophysical data in order to create complex geomexaniki pressure longitudinal and was studied transverse velocities of elastic wave propagation in solids due to changes in uniform compression deformation.

H.Guliyev also said that, for the calculation parameters in the the non-deformed isotropic scopes were obtainted analytical expressions within the framework of the classical linear and nonlinear solutions: "Specific numerical calculations have been carried out in the case of various compressive deformation environments.

In conclusion Academician noted that, the results are of great importance due to establishing theoretical issues of distribution forms of the elastic parameters in the Earth's internal structures. The report met with great interest by the participants and respondent questions. In conclusion were discussed the results of the done work under the project.

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